Saturday, October 27, 2018

Planet of Infinite Monkeys

Google+, the preferred social network for discussion of tabletop role-playing games, has not entirely unexpectedly announced it will be shutting down, effective August of 2019. While unfortunate, the situation has stirred active meaningful debate about what sort of online space best serves the needs of tabletop gamers, and a desire to actively create such spaces. Some really interesting and progressive options are being worked on. Take a look at the G+ RPG Escape Rocket group to see much of this discussion.

One of the highlight efforts: Alex Schroeder has put together two "planets," one-stop aggregators of blog posts, one for OSR material and another for Indie writings.  Go check them out and, if you're a blogger yourself, submit your blog to be included.

Old School RPG Planet

Indie RPG Planet

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