Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Redeploy, Reroll, Reincarnate

This is not the first TrollBones. And who knows, it may not be the last. Back more years ago than I like to count, my first solid attempt to become an honest-to-Aa* real producer of tabletop gaming blather on the internet resulted in a fully registered Castles & Crusades fanpage that failed to achieve a greater than ramshackle existence before my interest in C&C faded, though it had its fans. I called it "TrollBones." The name wasn't lifted from old war-stories, clever literary allusions or personal mythology, it was just a cool random title that came to mind when I needed one, and happened to be available..

*Aa's an obscure Talislanta reference ... Talislanta itself is a pretty obscure reference.

Some time later, I started up a wikidot page to host my gaming works and, practicing economy of creativity, I decided to also call it TrollBones. The name had grown on me, a concise, modest but evocative bit of fantastic imagery. It seems obvious, but somehow hadn't been snatched up along with "Dragons Den" for the standard gamer lexicon of site-names. There's also a bit of a dice pun hidden in the letters, "roll bones," which  almost makes me look clever. TrollBones-the-wikidot still exists, but is effectively abandoned; it always seemed to require more organization and coding than it was worth.

So, here I go again, this time as a blog. Appropriately, TrollBones keeps regenerating. 

What'll I put here? Oh ... stuff, I guess. I've developed some scattered gaming tastes, so can't promise properly focussed discussion. I delight in the OSR, but just as much I frolic among the Naked Hippy Indie scene. I prefer tabletop, but appreciate the new wave of Nordic-style larps. I play plenty of modern Euro boardgames, and I've dabbled with miniatures. I've nostalgia to mull over, and thoughts on the hot new thing. I've got plenty of projects to work on and talk about, and lots of old material to share

I like good games. This'll be a blog about that.